Our last projects

Neogy at Polillo, Philippines – Street light

Do you need autonomous lighting for a building, a street, a production site, a village, a city or any type of isolated area ? Did you know that you do not have to be connected to the grid for that purpose? Our SLK (or “Solar Light Kit”) is totally autonomous and functions thanks to the sun’s light using solar panels.

New reference for Neogy: the Alpha bike’s hydrogen battery pack

This electrically assisted bike integrates a fuel cell of small size, operating on hydrogen and connected to a tank, placed in the frame of the bike. With a power of 200 W, the fuel cell is coupled with a small lithium battery that powers the electric assistance of the bike, offering a range of 100 km. Neogy designed the "core energy" system: the BMS / Battery Pack design, and the electronic board allowing the hybridization of the system elements.

Other projects Neogy worked on

  • Autonomous energy bay equipped with a dozen parallel and interchangeable racks for autonomous buildings.

  • Carrying case for military use.