cellule batterie lithium

Hybridization of energies

Neogy specializes in the hybridization of clean energy, storage control and energy conversion.

Ability to design and industrialize battery packs

  • Choice of chemistry of elements: all types of Li-ion and Ni-MH.

  • Choice of battery pack architecture.

  • Mechanical integration.
  • Manufacture of prototypes and small series.
  • Industrialization, homologation, qualification.

Parallelisation / Series

Neogy relies on BMS PowerSafe (intelligent Battery Management System) technology, enabling it to offer a wide range of high-performance BMS to serialize and parallelize lithium battery packs.

The BMS Ventec range is today one of the most advanced and safest on the market.

EMS: Energy Management System

Neogy proposes to design the brain of the energy system that will interact with all the elements: energy sources, battery-based storage systems, inverters, motor controllers, system computers, etc …

We design the electronics, software and mechanics of these EMS, and are able to produce them for the needs of our customers according to their specifications.

Mastery of battery management algorithms

Neogy designs its own battery management algorithms and builds with its customers the most appropriate strategies according to their usage profile.

Neogy has proprietary communication protocols and can update the application software layer of its customers.

Fuel cell

Neogy has specialized in the field of fuel cells integrated in mobile or stationary systems:

  • electronic fuel cell management;
  • power electronics;
  • hybridization fuel cell / lithium battery.
Neogy: management of energy

Mechanical Design

Our design office is able to take care of all the necessary steps for the design and industrialization of mechanical and mechatronic parts.

We are able to realize short prototypes thanks to 3D printing and a panel of local subcontractors that we have qualified with care.

Beyond these mechanical structural aspects, we are also able to design human machine interfaces (HMI).

Tensile force adjustment

Neogy has developed a real expertise in the development of traction chains for light vehicles.

With experience gained from multiple projects, we are able to take charge of the whole process of developing these systems by including:

  • Integration and performance testing of the lithium battery pack.
  • Adjustment and performance measurement of motor / motor controller torque.
  • Development of the communication part via CAN or serial bus between the various computers of the vehicle (BMS, motor controller, display, vehicle computer).
  • Global validations of the chain of traction on table.
  • Overall validations of the traction chain on the vehicle.
Neogy: Energy Management System

Our skills in numbers

years of experience in electronics
years of experience in energy
passionate about our team

Our technologies used

Li-ion and Ni-MH battery packs
Hybridisation of renewable energies
Electronics, software, embedded algorithms