An innovation Made in New Aquitaine at the next G7

The next G7 will take place from 24 to 27 August 2019 and it will bring together many heads of state in the Basque Country, Biarritz. On this occasion, 200 electrically powered electric bicycles will be made available to all accredited journalists so that they can move easily throughout the site.

These bikes, provided by Engie Cofely, are the result of a close collaboration between Pragma Industries and Neogy who provided the “energy core” of the system. This Made in New Aquitaine innovation represents a major technical challenge, and we are proud that this pedelec is presented in an event such as the G7.

Neogy and the Alpha bike, a story of “heart energy”

If the Alpha bike weighs 27 kg, which is the usual weight of a “classic” power-assisted bike, only 2 minutes are needed to recharge it, while it takes at least 3 or 4 hours for the other pedelecs . In addition, its impact on the environment is limited because it releases only water vapor.

In this revolutionary and innovative VAE project, Neogy took care of the design of the battery pack, as well as the electronic card allowing hybridization of the system elements. When the BMS, it was designed by the company BMS PowerSafe, also owned by St@rtec Developpement group.

About Pragma

Pragma Industries was created in 2004 by Pierre Forté (aeronautical engineer) and Rémi Succoja, (electronics engineer). The goal of the two founders is to contribute actively to the energy transition towards a low carbon society by developing virtuous technologies.

In 15 years, Biarrote has become a recognized specialist for compact batteries dedicated to mobility and nomadism. Its technological know-how is backed by a team of highly qualified multidisciplinary engineers, men and women committed to a proactive approach to innovation in sustainable development. Pragma Industries’ mission is to democratize hydrogen-green energy and fuel cells.