The term “solar lighting” generally reminds us of a street lamp connected to a photovoltaic panel and a battery installed at the top of a mast. But did you know that it is possible to create a lighting point without it?

Adapting solar lighting to meet increasingly diverse needs

Masts are not mandatory when installing solar lighting. Indeed, other supports can be used, such as the edge of a roof or the façade of a building. These represent solid fixings to which solar lighting points can be installed. As for the solar panels, which are responsible for recovering energy, once they have been fixed, all that remains to be done is to connect them to our Neocase. In this way, the solar panel stores energy throughout the day and transmits it to the battery via the regulator, which in turn powers the LEDs for night lighting.

It is a stand-alone, eco-friendly solution that optimises not only installation costs but also electricity costs.


Street light kit, differents installations

Solar lighting: an example of a company case study

For a company with a car park available to its employees, it is essential to ensure its security day and night. To do this, appropriate lighting will allow :

  • to increase the safety of your employees who will no longer have to go to a dark car park in the evening and at night;
  • to automatically switch on the light when the car park is occupied thanks to sensors;
  • to benefit from an autonomous power supply, not connected to the electricity network;
  • to take advantage of solar energy and thus contribute to the preservation of the environment.

A ready-to-use Made in France solution

At Neogy®, we have imagined and designed the SLK solar lighting kit to meet the specific needs of industrialists, condominiums and municipalities. Practical, extremely easy to install, configurable according to the environment and needs, affordable, the SLK has a particularly well optimised life span via, among other things, a battery with a life span of up to 6 years.

We have already successfully installed numerous SLKs in France, but also in several other countries such as the Philippines and the Maghreb countries. Will you be next?

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