A nomad energy solution by Neogy

The nomad energy: a major energy challenge

While today’s energy production and consumption are being optimized to limit greenhouse gas emissions, 2 billion people still do not benefit from enough energy.

These difficulties in accessing energy lead to serious health, ecological and environmental consequences, especially in developing countries. This is particularly the case in Africa where 80% of the rural population does not have access to electricity. This unequal access to energy is a serious obstacle to the development of these countries and the health of their inhabitants.

Improving access to energy on a global scale is therefore one of the key priorities of the 21st century.

A real portable and autonomous energy solution

Neo20 Hybrid and NeoBank 312 have been designed to provide a real portable, autonomous and nomad energy solution:

  • Neo20 Hybrid offers both a powerbank and lighting experience with 4 levels of brightness for every situation.

  • Neobank 312 is a Powerbank with a large reserve of energy, high output power and all the ideal connectors to plug your devices in any isolated location.

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