ERA Exhibition in Oran, Algeria

Neogy was in Algeria to attend the 7th International Exhibition of Clean and Renewable Energies and Sustainable Development on Monday 23rd, Tuesday 24th and Wednesday 25th of October 2017. The exhibition takes place every year in the coastal city of Oran, at the Mohamed Benahmed Convention Center, where a unique photovoltaic plant is starting to cover the roofs of the airport.

ERA was a great opportunity for Neogy, national and foreign operators to successfully merge into the dynamic created by the implementation of the national renewable energy development program. The government aspires to achieve a production level of 22,000 megawatts of renewable electricity by 2030, a rate of 37% for total national electricity production. The progressive depletion of oil coupled with more than 300 days of sunshine a year seem to have created a fundamental infatuation for the development of renewable energies.

These three days were an opportunity for all operators in the renewable energy sector to make their business known to other professionals and increase their visibility through mutually beneficial partnerships.

Neogy, for an autonomous and practical lighting solution

This major event was an opportunity for Neogy to introduce its nomadic energy systems and solar lighting solutions to numerous Algerian distributors and fitters. This trip was full of meaningful encounters and has confirmed the demand for high-quality products, resistant to the typical harsh climatic conditions in North Africa. In addition, after carefully studying the socio-cultural factors of the country, Neogy has been able to identify and understand Algerians’ energy needs.

The Neogy range provides a solution to all the country’s problems: extreme temperatures, sandstorms, salty environment and sea air… Thanks to strong partnerships with local companies, the nomadic energy continues its development in North Africa by concretizing projects always that will bring more light to countries where the sun hardly ever sets.