Solar energy, a light accessible to all

Research conducted by the United Nations has shown that more than 1 billion people in the world do not have access to electric lighting. They use petroleum lamps generating a consumption of nearly 25 billion liters of kerosene per year. This generates significant air pollution and costs users approximately $ 23 billion.

Solar lighting makes light accessible to all by avoiding the costs of major installations such as underground connections and the purchase of electricity. The most isolated sites can be illuminated in an autonomous way while respecting the planet’s ecosystem.

Baring this in mind, Neogy adopts a unique approach and offers a stand-alone lighting kit that can be integrated on all types of existing poles.

Solar relamping and expertise

Neogy goes further than relamping an incadescent bulb with a LED and offers “Solar Relamping”. Its range of Solar Light Kits (SLK) enables the conversion of a standard streetlight into a new generation solar stand. This kit is made of a LED lighting head with a high-performance enclosure. In line with its principles, Neogy shares the added value of projects with local businesses by letting them supply and install the post, stock and solar panel. This also helps to reduce the C02 level inherent in the transport of equipment and installation.

Our SLK range is based on innovative algorithms of energy optimization and predictive lighting management according to weather conditions. This allows illumination up to 6 nights whatever the climatic conditions. Moreover, these products have a robustness superior to the standards of the market and resistance to extreme temperatures of up to 80 ° C. These technologies have been tested for more than 5 years on more than 8000 systems in many countries of Africa and Asia.

street light kit slk neogy
  • The SLK 20 delivers 2500 lumens for sidewalk, bicycle paths, streets, parks …

  • Our SLK 40, available in two versions, delivers 5000 lumens for more demanding applications such as roads, buildings, car parks …

SLIM is the technological brick in our SLK range, it is available to all manufacturers of solar candelabras looking for high energy performance and lighting intelligence.

Our stand alone solar lighting solutions