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NeoCase Neogy

NeoCase 624 Ni-MH

NeoCase 624 Neogy

Do you have a different energy need?

Neogy adapts its NeoCase to your needs (Lithium, capacity …).

Neocoase 624 by Neogy

New features

Capacity extension

Up to 1248Wh with a single electronic card

Compatibility double crosse

Simultaneous management of two presence sensors

Digital MPPT

High loading performance
Charge up to 360 Wc of solar panels


Amount of energy: 624 Wh (24V / 26Ah)
Lifetime: Up to 10 years

Spécificités NeoCase 624


Dimensions de la NeoCase (L x L x H) : 343 x 212 x 142 
Poids : Environ 15 kg

Panneau solaire

Tension nominale (Vmp) : Type 24 V (Max 36 V)
Tension en circuit ouvert (Voc) : < 44V
Puissance :  200 Wc à 600 Wc
Connectique : MC4 integratés

neocase 624 integration neogy