NeoLi 25-02 HE

25V battery packs for Medtronic PB560 ventilators

Do you need a battery quickly for your PB 560 ventilator?

Neogy® has developed differents ranges of batteries that adapt quickly to your system, according to your needs. We support you in the choice of the battery and in its integration. All this in France, in a few weeks and available worldwide.

NeoLi 25-02 HE

25V battery packs for MEDTRONIC/COVIDIEN LEGENDAIR® ventilatorswith integrated protection circuit board

Compliant with Covidien / Medtronic specification 10025023 Rev G (except higher capacity)

Battery Pack Medtronic by Neogy®

Technical specifications


Nominal energy
131 Wh (Neoli 25-01 LE) / 171 Wh (Neoli 25-02 HE)

Nominal capacity
5.2 Ah (Neoli 25-01 LE) / 6.8 Ah (Neoli 25-02 HE)

Minimum capacity
5.1 Ah (Neoli 25-01 LE) / 6.7 Ah (Neoli 25-02 HE)

Nominal voltage
25.2 V

Maximum voltage
29.4 V

Voltage cut-off
17.5 V

Charge current *
1.5 A

Discharge current
3 A during 10 min / 20 A during 1 ms

Communication bus

Charge cell temperature

Discharge cell temperature

0,85 kg

213 x 71 x 34 mm

Life cycle
500 cycle @100% DoD **

Life cycle and ID memory
DS2431 single wire

* This battery must be charged only by PB 560 integrated charger
** DoD = depth of discharge

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