About Neogy®

Neogy® is a French company based in Mérignac (Gironde, Nouvelle Aquitaine), specialized in the design and production of energy storage systems.

Neogy®’s four business sectors

Smart batteries

Design and production of lithium or NiMH battery packs, from a few watt hours to several tens of kilowatt hours, for various applications: electromobility, robotics, aeronautics, home automation, stationary energy storage systems …

Solar batteries

Design and production of solar energy storage systems intended in particular for the autonomous lighting market with the use of high temperature Ni-MH or lithium technology.

Hydrogen energy

Design and production of a lithium battery hybridization system with hydrogen fuel cells.

Energy systems

Design and production of energy management systems allowing the hybridization of different energy sources: batteries, solar panels, micro-wind, fuel cell. Among other things, Neogy® has skills in energy conversion and communication bricks (displays and wireless link).

Neogy® is part of the St@rtec Développement group, a French technology group committed to the energy transition. To this end, Neogy® benefits from the expertise of two companies with which it shares the premises of the St@rtec Développement group: Clairitec® and BMS PowerSafe®.

Clairitec® is an electronic engineering and industrial computer company specialized for more than 20 years in the design and manufacturing of graphic displays, and in particular in programmable smart displays, as well as in energy conversion electronics.

BMS PowerSafe® benefits from more than 20 years of experience in the design and production of Battery Management Systems (BMS), intelligent cores essential for the proper functioning and security of lithium batteries. French leader in its field, BMS PowerSafe® offers Neogy® expertise enabling it to design ever safer and more efficient battery packs.

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