Our mission

We design and produce autonomous and nomadic power generation and storage systems. Our systems are transportable and do not require any connection to the power grid.

Neogy is specialized in the hybridization of several sources of clean energy (solar, wind, hydrogen, biomass …). This hybridization makes it possible to combine the advantages of each energy source while remedying their respective weaknesses (ex: unavailability of solar energy during the night).

We place innovation at the core of our strategy and products to provide unique and sustainable solutions to global energy and ecological issues.

Neogy : notre bureau d'étude

Our values

  • Design and manufacture our products in France.

  • Adopt an eco-responsible approach and ensure the quality of after-sales service.

  • Developing innovative systems producing electricity from renewable and non-polluting sources of energy.

  • Have our products manufactured by local actors in order to limit the carbon footprint.

  • Ensure the sustainability of products over the long term by guaranteeing the supply of spare parts.