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Medtronic ventilator : the battery packs are available

Medtronic PB560 Portable Respirator: The Lithium Ion Battery Available The 25V lithium-ion battery that powers Medtronic's PB560 portable ventilator is available for all manufacturers.  All united in the fight against Covid 19 Today, the Covid 19 is still...

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The trends of electric bikes

If cycling has been one of our favourite means of transport for 200 years, it is now being dethroned by its electric version. What are the advantages, and most importantly, what are the trends of upcoming e-bikes?

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Neogy was chosen for the Coleen project

Neogy has been chosen as prime contractor for the Coleen connected bike project: this mission isn’t only about the development of the battery pack, since we were also in charge of the smart display as well as the smartphone application.

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Sentinel, the revolutionary robot

Designed by Tecdron, the French leader in service robotics, the Sentinel was chosen to accompany firefighters in Paris during their missions in August 2018. And if we’re talking about it today, it's not a coincidence: as a matter of fact, its particularly powerful and resistant battery was conceived by the R&D office at Neogy.

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New reference for Neogy: the Alpha bike’s hydrogen battery pack

This electrically assisted bike integrates a fuel cell of small size, operating on hydrogen and connected to a tank, placed in the frame of the bike. With a power of 200 W, the fuel cell is coupled with a small lithium battery that powers the electric assistance of the bike, offering a range of 100 km. Neogy designed the "core energy" system: the BMS / Battery Pack design, and the electronic board allowing the hybridization of the system elements.

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