Ultra-fast charging and discharging of electric batteries: a partnership with Tiamat to deploy Sodium-ion power battery technology in the industrial design of electronic and energy storage solutions.

Both partners will integrate Tiamat’s sodium-ion power battery cells into modules and packs to meet their customers’ needs. The intrinsic qualities of Tiamat‘s battery cells combined with the electronic BMS (Battery Management System) charge and discharge control system of BMS PowerSafe®, a Startec Group company, and the mastery of battery assembly by Neogy®, a Startec Group company, will meet the market’s demand for very high power, fast charge and discharge times, and a high level of safety, while ensuring unique industrial sovereignty due to the absence of recourse to the traditional raw materials of the reference technologies.

For Xavier PETITDIDIER, innovation director of the Startec group: “Neogy®’s ‘battery’ expertise and BMS PowerSafe®’s ‘BMS’ expertise will enhance TIAMAT cells, which offer unequalled performance in terms of power/safety”.

“This agreement is part of our market entry strategy to partner with major customers in each of the identified segments. Startec’s know-how in module/pack assembly and power and control electronics will enable us to offer complete packs corresponding to the Customer’s needs in the mobility sector (automotive, rail and aeronautics) and stationary storage” comments Hervé BEUFFE, President of Tiamat Energy.

Tiamat Sodium-ion power batteries have :

  • very high power densities in discharge and in charge (less than 10 minutes to fully recharge, reduction of pack size and weight)
  • a very high level of safety (no fire, no propagation of thermal runaway from one cell to another).

This technology does not use traditional materials: no Nickel and Cobalt. Tiamat uses components that are widely available and independent of geostrategic powers.


Tiamat is developing new generation batteries based on research work on electrochemical storage by the CNRS and the CEA. The startup is housed at the Energy Hub at the Picardie Jules Verne University.

Tiamat is the result of internationally recognised French scientific excellence with the CNRS research centre on energy and supercapacitors, RS2E (Network on electrochemical energy storage).

In 2017, researchers from the Electrochemical Energy Storage Network (RS2E), an organisation created in 2010 jointly by the French Ministry of Research and the CNRS to accelerate technology transfer, together with an experienced entrepreneur, founded Tiamat with a huge ambition: to develop an eco-compatible battery technology without Lithium and without Cobalt, for high-volume power applications.

Tiamat raises €1.6 million in 2018 from Picardie Investissement and Finovam.

2019 marks the first concrete achievements by carrying out the first Proof of Concept, and by strongly increasing the performance of its power cell.

In 2020, Hervé Beuffe became the new president of Tiamat, which carried out a second round of financing of €3.5 million with investors Finovam, Picardie Investissement, CAP3RI, Nord France amorçage, Celeste Management, Sicae de la Somme and Sem Somme Energies, who joined the shareholders CNRS innovation, the scientists, the founder and the president. For 2021, the company is implementing the Tiamat 2025 strategy.


Based on more than 20 years of experience, Startec Energy® is a French group of companies that design and supply technologies for the energy transition. The group supports companies through its three subsidiaries: Neogy®, BMS PowerSafe®and Clairitec®.

Neogy® is a company specialising in the manufacture of energy storage systems. Neogy® offers customised battery packs (all types of electrochemistry) for the storage of energy supplied by different energy sources, in particular electrical energy (Smart Batteries), solar energy (Belios®) or hydrogen energy (Hydrogen Energy). Neogy® addresses the world of electric mobility as well as robotics and aeronautics. It offers batteries ranging from 150Wh to several MWh.

Specialising in the intelligence of embedded systems, BMS PowerSafe®designs and manufactures intelligent battery management systems (BMS), integrating new generation software and electronic cards that enable it to manage the battery’s life cycle.

BMS PowerSafe®designs and manufactures intelligent battery management systems (BMS), integrating software and new generation electronic boards, which enable it to be a leader in small electromobility, electric cars, energy storage, defence and aeronautics. Thanks to its expertise, BMS PowerSafe®offers the most secure and efficient BMS solutions on the market.

Through the Selfenergy brand, Clairitec® designs and manufactures battery chargers for professionals. As an expert in energy conversion, Selfenergy offers intelligent chargers that improve the performance of batteries and extend their life. Its expertise enables it to modify and/or even design a customised charger (depending on the application) for Lithium, Ni-MH, lead-acid batteries or any other technology.

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