Neogy® was chosen for the design of the Alpha bike’s hydrogen battery pack

For this hydrogen-powered bike project, Neogy® has taken up exciting new challenges: indeed, our team has integrated into the energy core of the Alpha hydrogen battery pack bike a small fuel cell, running on hydrogen and connected to a tank, placed in the frame of the bike. With a power of 200 W, the fuel cell is coupled to a small lithium battery that powers the power assistance of the bike, offering a range of 100 km.

Neogy® designed the “core energy” of the system: the BMS / Battery Pack design, and the electronic board for hybridizing system elements.


  • A clean bike: indeed, the Alpha releases only water vapor thanks to its hydrogen battery pack. This is according to our enviromental-friendly approach at Neogy®. 
  • Ultra-fast charging: these are the major assets of this bike, which can be completely recharged in 2 minutes only (while it is necessary to count between 3 or 4 hours for a conventional electric bike).
  • Run-time: only one charge is needed to run your Alpha fuel cell bike more than 100km. It was designed in order to be extremely resistant and robust, preventing weather changes from impacting the battery.
  • Weight reason: the bike weighs 27 kilos, which is the weight of a classic electric bike.

Alpha, the 100% Made In France hydrogen bike

The Alpha hydrogen bike was designed by Pragma Industries, located in Bidart, in the Basque Country.

For a limited period, you have the opportunity to invest in mobile projects running on hydrogen. Indeed, this energy is not only very practical, but it is also economical.

Do you find this opportunity interesting? Go to the dedicated page of Pragma Industries.

To learn more about the Alpha hydrogen bike, visit the Pragma Industries website.